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Infant lessons

From the birth to 3 years children are able to perceive as many languages as they hear around them. We offer a course of early development and English learning for the children of ages 1.5 to 3 years old with their mothers. The advantage of this course is that the child learns English not as a second language, but as a parallel language, and at the same time the correct phonetic background is laid as a foundation for learning the language in the future. We lay down vocabulary and phonetics, and even if the child does not speak yet, he will be able to use this material in the future. The child develops his/her mental and physical abilities in English. Since mothers are present at the lesson, they also learn active vocabulary, which they can repeat with a child during a week. Classes are held entirely in a game-musical form, with frequent changes of activities, which does not allow the child to get bored. But the vocabulary is repeated, so the child remembers it easily.

Program includes: songs, action rhymes, sensory exercises, large and small motor skills, simple gymnastics and creativity.
The duration of the lesson is 50 minutes (2 times a week).
The cost of 1 lesson is 70 UAH


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