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Adult Language Classes

There are several key elements to successful language lessons. It starts with the student’s desire to learn because if there is no desire to study, we are not going to force our lessons on you! Secondly, the correct atmosphere for studying. This covers lots of things, starting with the lesson environment, which needs to be clean, well-lit, a desk for writing, comfortable chairs, a whiteboard for explaining, and air conditioning for when it gets too hot.

In addition to this, the quality of the teacher is important – the right balance between fun, knowledge, and discipline is required to make the lessons worthwhile and interesting. A qualified teacher is also important because many people can speak or understand languages, but few have the ability to teach.

Finally, the quality of the teaching materials, and here at Yazlingo, we use Cambridge University Press Publications. Our adult lessons (suitable for teenagers too) are based around the face2face series of textbooks. This is a six-level General English course with a student’s book, student’s workbook, CD-ROMs.



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2 x 2 hour lessons/week

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Children’s English Language Classes

Pre-School English Language Classes

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