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Teaching English is carried out on the basis of level system. There are 6 levels in our school
(in accordance with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages):


Starter (A1)

Elementary (A2)

Pre-Intermediate (B1)

Intermediate (B1+)

Upper-Intermediate (B2)

Advanced (C1)

Also we offer tutoring to prepare for English knowledge exams, e.g. IELTS, External Independent Evaluation etc.


Children: from 6 (1st grade) to 12



For children from 1st to 6th grade series of books is used called Kid’s Box by Cambridge University Press. Overview of the series of books: language material is presented in interesting comic stories, funny songs, stories about the culture, exercises to develop pronunciation and other types of language activity that inspire students for further learning.


Children: from 12 to 15



For children from 6th to 9th grade (12-15 year olds) series of books is used called More! by Cambridge University Press.
Overview: course is aimed at development of reading and speaking skills, grammar improvement and vocabulary expansion. It contains new sections “Learn more about Culture” – about the culture of English speaking countries, which helps students to expand their horizons, social and cultural understanding, sections “Learn more through English” – help them to learn about Maths, Geography, Music and other subjects.


Teenagers and adults: from 15 to …



For teaching face2face by Cambridge University Press is used.
Overview: this course consists of 6 levels. In its basis it has communicative approach and the latest methodological ideas that help to prepare students to communication in every day situations. Significant attention is paid to communicative tasks that contributes to enrichment of vocabulary and development of grammar competency.
All teachers in our Language School have a philological degree. Also everyone of them has CELTA certificate, which is an international qualification and is issued by Cambridge University after undergoing a special course. It gives right to teach English according to communicative method, which is currently considered to be the most effective.
Also our teachers regularly participate in seminars dedicated to learning and teaching of foreign languages and constantly working on improving their qualifications independently.


Contact us if you have any questions. Frequency of lessons per week and their duration can be discussed individually.

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